Custom Art Dolls

**All My Custom Spots are filled through the end of 2018. I will be posting available art dolls that I have painted as they  become available. 



If you are looking for a custom reborn, there are 100’s of kits to choose from, if you are serious about having a reborn art doll created for you. Let me know what size you are looking for, awake or asleep, and I will send you a few to pick from. If you already have a sculpt in mind, you can let me know, which one you like.

**Custom dolls made to look like prototype babies are not available. I do not and will not try to copy another artists work. If you are really loving the prototype, my best advice would be to contact that artist.

Custom Art Doll Pricing for 2018 –

Babies 16″ – 20″ -Preemie to Newborn with Rooted Hair: start @ $395 ( sparse hair) +kit/supplies
Babies 16″ – 20″ -Preemie to Newborn with Painted Hair – start @ $295 +kit/supplies

Babies 21″ – 23 inches with Rooted Hair:  start at $450 (sparse hair) +kit/supplies
Babies 21″ – 23 inches with Painted Hair:  start at $375  +kit/supplies

Toddlers 24″ and over start at $600 and go up (for rooted hair)+kit/supplies.   I don’t paint hair on heads that big.

*I do not sell baldies.

*Add another $50 for glass eyes ( real life acrylic eyes are included in the prices above)
*Add another $50 for a belly plate. (only available for newborn size babies)

*Add another $250 for a full head of rooted hair (not sparse hair)

I require a $150-250+ deposit to order supplies and hold your place in line.  The deposit will depend on the kit you choose and the supplies needed to make that baby doll. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance remaining on your baby is paid before baby ships!

It will take me 3-4 weeks to complete your baby. This is my full-time job. I work on babies 8-10 hours a day. I only accept 3 customs a month, so I can send all babies home within 30 days.

**This baby is being made for you by your specifications. WIP ( work-in-progress) pics are sent  (not daily) while I am working on your baby. You will be able to see what she/he looks like. So there are no surprises when your baby arrives home.  Because all the dolls are a one of kind work of art, custom created for you, there are no returns or exchanges, all sales are final.

Shipping Charges  for Custom Art Dolls are as follows: 

$30 for all babies shipping within the USA
$65 to Canada (plus you will be responsible for customs fees if any)
$110+ for international orders. (plus you will be responsible for customs fees if any)

Expedited shipping (2-3 days on average within the US) – (6-12+ days for international) with a tracking number, insurance and signature required.