April 16 – Go Fly a Kite Day!

National Go fly a kite day

April 16 is National Go fly a kite day! Get out there and enjoy the wind! Fly your kite high and watch it dance in the sky. Kites are a fun way to play outdoors and they can be made from simple materials. Take some time to enjoy the simple things in life and go fly a kite!

The phrase ‘Go Fly a Kite’ is an idiom that is used when you want someone to go away or leave you alone. This is because telling someone to go fly a kite requires them to do so. The phrase initially appeared in the 1940s and remained popular for several decades afterward. This national festival is taken to indicate that individuals should go fly a kite instead of telling someone to leave.

The History of Go Fly a Kite Day is a tale that dates back to thousands of years ago in China. The kite is said to have originated in the eastern province of Shandong and eventually spread across Asia through the efforts of traders. These traders brought them to India and then to Korea where different types of kites began to evolve. Each location also had unique goals and purposes for flying these kites. In some cases, they were merely flown for entertainment while in others they were used as a tool for communication.