Calling all fashion enthusiasts! Cute I’m a Girly Fashions

? Calling all fashion enthusiasts! ?
Hey there, lovely people! ? Let me introduce you to the stars of the show: Robyn (the gorgeous redhead), Lola (rocking that purple hair), and Lucy (with her stunning brown locks). They’re about to steal your hearts with their brand-new outfits! ?
Robyn is flaunting the doll Chichi dress, made with a single-tier, instead of the two-tier wonder from I gave it a playful twist by adding matching patterned shorts, just like Lola’s. Oh, and their shoes? They’re a “in the hoop” pattern Oopsie Daisy from Appletotes! ?
Lola, on the other hand, is rocking shorts and a crop top from Leelee’s Designs, and guess what? I scored those patterns for free! and you can too.. head over to Youtube and search Leelee’s designs. She has many more free patterns for 18-inch dolls..? I had to adjust the seam allowance to 3/8″ (instead of the usual 1/4″), but no worries—they fit like a dream, sew up in a jiffy, and look absolutely adorable. And those shoes? They’re my very own creation! ?
And let’s not forget about Lucy—she’s rocking capri-length leggings and turning heads in the ChiChi dress, cleverly transformed into a top. Talk about versatility! ? Don’t they all make the perfect trio of cuteness?
Now, get ready, folks! Zoe and Kayla, two more charming dolls from the I’m a Girly brand, are up next on my sewing table. Who knows what fashion adventures await them? Stay tuned! ?✂️