Theo’s First Day of School

Ahoy, mateys! ☠️?‍☠️ ( Our Generation) Theo, is all geared up and ready to set sail on his first day of doll school! ?? But what’s a first day without a snazzy new outfit, right? Bella, our doll fashionista, whipped up a Puperita special just for him: The Pirate Shirt and Pants ensemble! ??( resized with the projector)
Now, let’s talk about those pants – not only are they cute as a treasure chest, but they’re also comfier than a pirate’s parrot on a shoulder. With patch pockets and cargo pockets galore, Theo’s got all the space he needs to stash his precious doll-sized loot. And let’s not forget the elastic waistband, ensuring he’s got the perfect fit to swashbuckle through the day! ?
Arrr! These pirate pants come in sizes from newborn to size 10, and Bella promises they’re a breeze to sew up. ⚓️
But that’s not all, folks! Theo’s got on his Pirate Sweater too – it’s roomy, cozy, and oh-so-comfortable. I may not have tiny tots anymore, but I’m sewing up a storm for my dolls, and let me tell you, these patterns will look just as precious on your little scalawags! ? you can find the kids pattern here: