Woven with Love


With each stitch and seam, I pour my heart and soul,
Into this little wardrobe that will make your doll whole.
For it’s not just fabric and thread that we sew,
But love and joy and dreams, that’ll bloom and grow.

As we sew along with Bella Katella’s gentle voice,
We’ll learn not just to sew, but to make a choice,
To be patient, kind, and gentle with ourselves and others,
To create a world where love and compassion covers.

And as we dress up our little dolls so fine,
We’ll feel a sense of pride and happiness divine.
For in these little garments, we’ve woven love and care,
That’ll bring joy and comfort, beyond compare.

So come, let’s sew together, and share our hearts and souls,
And create a wardrobe for our dolls that’ll make them whole.
For in this act of creation, we’ll find peace and delight,
And spread our love and light, far and wide, shining bright.