Bella Katella Realistic Art Dolls


  • Bella creates the most realistic reborn babies! I have two of her’s and take them out often. People always think they are real, and I have gotten so many nice compliments on them. The hair looks like it is growing right out of the scalp ūüôā ¬†~ Candy M .¬†

  • I love all the babies she makes, they are all beautiful, she makes them with lots of love and when you hold one of her babies you feel that love. My anxiety and depression disappears when I snuggle with one of her babies. Thank you Bella ~Barbie G.

  • Bella has the knack for making these babies look alive! I thoroughly love my Tomi Lynn !!! Everyone who sees her is amazed…. Thank you once again Bella! Your talent is amazing! ~ Melissa B.¬†

  • Her babies are absolutely gorgeous! They look and feel close to the real thing! ~Marlo¬†

  • Love her work.very reasonable she makes sure everyone of her babies are made with love and she send them with a package fill of presents for your baby .~Joyce

  • ¬†She is so precious thank you for everything¬†Bella Katella¬†you are an spectacular artist every detail is perfect and the little bear you sent matches the blankey my grammy made it was meant to be¬†¬†~ Kaylyne

  • ¬†I would like to leave a review for Bella Katella. If this was a 5 star rating system I would shoot to give her a 10!¬†Bella Katella thank you so much for amazing customer service, quick responses, quick shipping, and an incredibly beautiful life like reborn. I will recommend you to everyone I can in search of a reborn. I could not be happier with our first reborn experience. ~ Chelsea

Art Dolls

*I am not taking any custom orders at this time. 

If you are looking for a custom reborn, there are 100’s of kits to choose from… click on the tabs for a ¬†rough estimate of fee’s to create an art doll for you. If you decide you would like to have me create a custom reborn baby doll for you, please contact me to discuss kit choices and other options.

**Custom dolls made to look like prototype babies are not available. I do not and will not try to copy another artists work. If you are really loving the prototype, my best advice would be to contact that artist.

** These are not play dolls for young children. They are not the same as factory painted baby dolls you buy in the store. Plus there are safety issues for young kids.  The babies available on this page are for ages 13 and up. 

All dolls below are not available and have been adopted. 


Q: What is a reborn doll?

A: A reborn art doll is a  blank doll kit ( head, arms and legs) that has been painted, rooted, weighted to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible. The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as reborning and the doll artists are referred to as reborners. A lot of time goes into making a reborn baby, they truly are a labor of love, not to mention a work of art.

Q: How long does it take to make a reborn baby with hair?

A: It can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete a reborn baby with rooted hair. We use Mohair ( yealing or kid) , Alpaca Fiber or Human Hair, which is the most expensive. Suri Alpaca looks and feels just like human hair. Good Mohair is also silky soft, and you can get it in straight, wavy or curly types.

Q: How much do they cost/why are they so expensive?

A: Reborn babies can be anywhere from $375 to $1000+. A lot depends on the choice of kit, paints, specialty hair, glass eyes, weighting materials and my time, I have a family to take care of . It is not just a hobby for me but a job that requires income to live. I feel I price my dolls fairly, according to my time and the materials used to create the doll. 

Q: What is used to give the baby weight?

A: I use glass beads to weigh the babies. . Glass beads are placed in the arms, legs, head ( to make it floppy, just like a real baby) and the body. The weight is evenly distributed, which makes them feel like a baby when you hold them.

Q: Are these dolls for children to play with?

A: Well, it would depend on the age of the child. If they are an older child age 13 and over, then maybe, yes,. Remember art dolls are really intended as an adult collectible or therapy doll. If they are mishandled and not treated with care, they can easily become damaged. Sometimes, the damage will not be easy to fix. Also, most reborns have very strong magnets in the head, and one on the pacifier. These magnets can be fatal if swallowed, they are also a choking hazzard. Please remember all sales are final. There are no returns or exchanges on art dolls. 

Q: Can I have a custom doll made?

A:  I have 3 spots a month. You can contact me to see if I have any openings. 

Q: Are your prices, negotiable? 

A; Sorry, no they are not. My dolls are priced by the cost of the kit, supplies & my time spent creating the doll.  

Q:Do you do Silicone dolls?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I have a free/ or really cheap doll?

A: Sorry, no.



My name is Bella, I am the artist that creates the reborn art dolls on this site. All my babies are hand painted using many thin layers of paint to achieve beautiful baby skin tones, subtle veins, capillaries, hand painted/rooted eyebrows, shading and highlights.After painting, all babies are baked and matte varnished to help protect them. I use only the highest quality materials and mediums to bring as much realism as possible into each of my babies.

My art dolls have been purchased by doll collectors, treasured by moms who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of an infant, and also by people that just miss that happy feeling of holding a baby in their arms.

  When you hold one of my art dolls in your arms, you will know, why hundreds of my babies have been adopted over the years.  My art dolls are a work of art that you can cuddle.  If you have any questions, please PM on FB or use the contact form on this page.