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Introducing our enchanting Fairy Tale Dress for dolls such as American Girl and Our Generation, sewing pattern – a whimsical creation that allows you to bring your doll’s wardrobe to life with grace and charm. This delightful pattern features two distinct dresses, each designed to capture the magic of fairy tales and spark the imagination. Use them each alone or layer them for an adorable outfit.



The first dress, with its graceful long sleeves, offers a touch of elegance that can be enhanced with optional flutters, adding a playful and enchanting detail. Whether your doll is attending a royal ball or exploring enchanted realms, this dress is sure to make her stand out with its timeless beauty.

For warmer occasions or a lighter look, the second dress in the pattern showcases a sleeveless design, providing versatility for various settings. Like its counterpart, it can be adorned with optional flutters, adding a delightful and whimsical touch. Additionally, this dress doubles as a sleeveless pinafore, allowing you to mix and match styles for a multitude of captivating looks.

The Fairy Tale Dress sewing pattern is not just a garment – it’s a canvas for creativity and imagination. With a dash of innovation, this pattern can effortlessly transform into a princess dress, transporting your doll into a world of make-believe and fantasy.. This pattern is free and There are no written instructions for this one.  If you need help putting it together.. there is a sew-along on my blog here..

**Also this will only work as a free pattern if, it’s the only thing you have it in your cart. If you want to sew a matching child size dress, you can find the pattern on 


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