Felicity’s Fabulous Fashion

Felicity’s Fabulous Fashion
Hey American Girl enthusiasts! Gather ’round and meet Felicity, our doll extraordinaire, showcasing her latest and greatest fashion creation! 
Felicity has always been a trendsetter and this time she’s taken her fashion game to a whole new level with a one-of-a-kind, handmade dress that’s turning heads. Drumroll, please… presenting her stunning outfit, a whimsical fusion of two iconic patterns—the “Hearty Top” from Puperita and the “Butterfly Skirt.” 
With her keen eye for style and a touch of creativity, Felicity expertly combined knit fabric for the top and woven fabric for the skirt. The result? A dress that’s nothing short of delightful, boasting a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. 
But let’s not stop there—Felicity’s attention to detail truly shines through. Her tights are a masterful creation from “The Wolf and the Tree” pattern, adding a playful pop of color and warmth to her ensemble. And those adorable boots? They’re a miniature replica of the beloved Ugg-style boots, made possible by a charming pattern from Miche.
Felicity is a true fashionista, proving once again that creativity knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more of her fashion adventures, because with her eye for style and passion for DIY, the possibilities are endless!