Back to School

Back to School
 Back to School Sewing Shenanigans! 
Hey there, sewing enthusiasts! It’s that time of year again when we dive headfirst into creating doll-sized fashion statements for our favorite students, Franco and Zoe! Thanks to and a trusty projector to size the patterns down, we’ve got all the patterns we need to make this school year super stylish!
Franco is rocking the schoolyard in his Ant’s shirt, complete with the Tie-My-Tie. He’s also sporting a snazzy Red Rover vest and a custom twist on those Swank pants – no top pockets but cargo pockets! 
Zoe, on the other hand, is all set to conquer the classroom in her Teatime Blouse paired with the adorable Ahoy Jumper. And have you checked out that fab plaid matching on their outfits?  These two dolls are the talk of the playground!
They can hardly contain their excitement because they’re more than ready to strut their stuff when school starts on Tuesday.  So, here’s to a fantastic Back to School season filled with creativity and sewing adventures! Let’s make it sew much fun!