Doll Stories: Sunshine

Doll Stories: Sunshine

Once upon a time, in a bright and sunny place, Lived a little girl, with a smile on her face. She loved her dolls, and played with them all day, And each one had a name, in her special way.

But there was one doll, that she loved the most, With a shiny dress, and hair that she could comb. She named her Sunshine, for she lit up her day, And with her by her side, she was ready to play.

They would have tea parties, with cakes and sweets, And play dress-up, in colorful and sparkly feats. They danced and sang, and giggled with glee, And the little girl knew, Sunshine was meant to be.

One day, the little girl and Sunshine went for a walk, In a meadow of flowers, with a soft breeze to talk. They sat on a blanket, and watched the clouds go by, And Sunshine whispered, “I have a secret to try.”

She waved her hand, and with a little poof, She grew in size, and appeared as proof. The little girl gasped, in wonder and awe, For her little Sunshine, was now big and tall.

They danced and twirled, and ran through the field, And the little girl knew, her love for Sunshine, would never yield. For even when she was big, and towering above, Her heart remained little, and filled with love.

And so, they continued their adventures, with joy and fun, And the little girl knew, that with Sunshine, she had won. For in her heart, she held a precious treasure, A friend for life, who brought her so much pleasure.

And as they sat, watching the sun go down, The little girl knew, she would never frown. For with Sunshine by her side, she had all she could need, A love so big, it would forever lead.

Author/illustrator :Bella Katella