Bonjour, mes amis

Bonjour, mes amis
Just wanted to share the delightful tale of our Journey Girl Mikaella, who embarked on a fabulous adventure to the enchanting land of baguettes, berets, and breathtaking views—oui, you guessed it, France! 
Before she ventured into the world of croissants and cobblestone streets, our talented friend Bella worked her magic with needle and thread. Behold, the pièce de résistance—a swing coat straight out of a Parisian dream! 
Crafted with love and patterned by the ever-fabulous Flossie Potter, this coat is adorned with little birds that chirp “c’est magnifique!” as Mikaella twirls through the streets of Montmartre. Lined with fleece, because even in the City of Lights, a girl needs to stay warm while sipping her café au lait. 
But that’s not all, mes amis! Bella, the maestro of style, also self-drafted a chic beret and boots to complete Mikaella’s French fashion fantasy. 
As Mikaella strolls along the Seine, she turns heads with her sweet coat and those floral and pearl buttons, making even the Eiffel Tower blush with envy. 
So here’s to Mikaella, Bella, Flossie Potter, and the magical moments that happen when fashion and adventure collide in the heart of La Belle France!   **Check out the sew-along section to make a beret for your doll!