Girly and Glamorous: Meet the Enchanting World of ‘I’m a Girly’ Dolls

Girly and Glamorous: Meet the Enchanting World of ‘I’m a Girly’ Dolls
Hey doll lovers! Let’s talk about the fabulous I’m a Girly doll brand! 
These Swiss dolls burst onto the scene in 2017 and made their grand entrance into the US market in 2020. While they’ve been rocking Europe, they’re still gaining momentum stateside—maybe because they share a niche with our beloved American Girl dolls. But hey, that just means they’re an exclusive find for us doll enthusiasts!
Now, here’s what sets I’m a Girly apart: they’re all about “sustainability with style.” They use top-quality materials while keeping waste to a minimum. High-five for that! ♻️ And hey, their packaging is even made of recyclable cardboard. Double thumbs up!
What makes this brand extra special is that the doll designs are brought to life by a team of awesome kiddos—the Kids4Kids squad. These imaginative boys and girls, aged 9 to 13, worked their magic to perfect the prototypes and continue to dazzle us with their accessory and clothing designs. Talk about kid power! 
And here’s my discovery story: I stumbled upon an I’m a Girly doll while browsing the Target website. You know how it goes—just a quick peek at some Our Generation dolls, and suddenly, a delightful I’m a Girly character caught my eye!  Curiosity piqued, I hopped over to Amazon and found these dolls going for under $20. Score!  So, naturally, I took a leap of faith and ordered the budget-friendly Lucy doll for just $9.92 (with free shipping!). Can’t resist a good deal, right?
Now, let me spill the wig secrets! These dolls come with interchangeable wigs that you can style, cut, and switch up whenever you feel like it. How cool is that? Trust me, I put Lucy through a whirlwind of styling, dressing, and even some hair clipping, and that wig stayed put like a champ. Talk about hairdo freedom! 
So, if you’re looking for a doll that’s sustainable, fashion-forward, and encourages kids to take the lead, check out I’m a Girly! They’re making waves in the doll world, one fabulous wig at a time. Stay stylish, my doll-loving pals! 
**Measurements: Height 19.5 inches Inseam is 6.25″ shoulder to wrist: 6.25 ” Chest 9″ waist 8.75″ hips 9.5 inches Head Circumference is 13″.
These dolls are all vinyl. ( no soft body) Shown in Clothing I made for them. They are thinner than American Girls dolls, and a bit taller. Some clothing is interchangeable with the other 18-inch dolls, but most need alterations to make them fit correctly. It was easier to just make clothes to fit them.