Magical Fairytale Dresses for 18-Inch Dolls

Magical Fairytale Dresses for 18-Inch Dolls

I received a box from Wondoll ( Amazon) of Fairytale Dresses for the 18-inch dolls. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found all the beautiful dresses inside. The other surprising thing was these dresses fit all my 18-inch dolls. American Girl, Journey Girls, Our Generation, Adora Amazing Girls and I’m a Girly doll! While all the dolls are 18 inches in height.. they are not all the same size. But these dresses looked wonderful on all of them!

The package came with 6 beautiful Princess dresses and a couple of headpieces. The fabric was fabulous, and lots of glitter ( it has not come off) and exquisite lace and trim adorn each dress.  Layers of tulle with sparkles are everything a Princess dress should be!  They all close in the back with velcro and the seams inside are all serged. 

Every little girl loves princesses because they embody the magic and wonder of fairy tales. Princesses captivate young imaginations with beautiful gowns, sparkling tiaras, and enchanting adventures in faraway kingdoms. Whether it’s the dream of being royalty, the allure of magical powers, or the joy of epic adventures, princesses inspire creativity and bring endless joy to playtime. The timeless appeal of princesses allows little girls to explore their dreams and believe in a world where anything is possible.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.. 



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