Stitching Enchantment: Simplicity S8942

Stitching Enchantment: Simplicity S8942

I’m so excited to share my latest sewing adventure with you all! Since we’re currently on a Harry Potter kick here, I decided to dive into the magical world of doll clothing sewing patterns for 18-inch dolls. My weapon of choice? The new Simplicity S8942 pattern.

Let’s start with the good stuff. The shirt turned out excellent, with crisp lines and a perfect fit. However, the tie from the pattern wasn’t quite my style, so I improvised by sizing down a kids’ tie pattern, and it worked like a charm! The sweater is a real winner too; it’s set to become my new go-to V-neck sweater pattern for sure.

Now, onto the slight hiccups. The skirt, when pleated as per the pattern directions, ended up an inch too short at the back edges, making it impossible to close. Lesson learned: next time, I’ll use a longer piece of fabric. The pants, though, I really liked. They close in the back and even have a fake fly front for added detail. The only downside? The bottoms of the pants are super tight, giving me a bit of trouble getting them over the doll’s feet. No worries, though; for the next pair, I’ll add extra seam allowance from the knee down to make them wider.

And finally, the cape. Oh, the cape! It’s absolutely fabulous and adds such a magical touch to the ensemble.

In conclusion, despite a few minor adjustments needed, Simplicity S8942 is a solid pattern that offers versatility. Plus, it’s not just for wizarding robes; you can also use it to create charming school uniforms!