Weekend Sewing Adventures!
First up, I sewed Theo a charming Yoke Shirt that goes perfectly with his stylish jeans. This adorable shirt offers endless possibilities, and guess what? There’s even a girl version included! ( all dolled up) 
Next, Is Anya, rocking the School Uniform designed from the fabulous Crabapples pattern. This pattern is simply amazing, offering various blouse styles and two delightful jumpers. I posted the cute messenger bag that comes with it a few days ago! 
Although the pattern called for a matching bag, I couldn’t resist using the purse I made the other day instead. It added a unique touch to Anya’s ensemble, and she loves it! 
Oh, and let’s not forget about the socks! I also used the Crabapples pattern to create these charming socks, which turned out beautifully. I love this pattern for socks.. I have not had to buy doll socks since I found it about a year ago!
The shoe pattern I used was from Miche. Together, they make the perfect pair for the school uniform. 
I’m delighted to report that all these sewing projects were an absolute joy. Not a single hitch along the way! The instructions were clear and easy to follow, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sewing experience.