Yeehaw, Dolls! Saddle Up with Our Western Wrangler Set for Journey Girls!

Yeehaw, Dolls! Saddle Up with Our Western Wrangler Set for Journey Girls!

Howdy, fellow doll enthusiasts! Today, we’re kicking up some dust and riding into the wild, wild west with our exciting new pattern set: Western Wrangler for Journey Girls dolls! Get ready to channel your inner cowgirl and embark on a sewing adventure that’s sure to make your dolls the talk of the town.

Our Western Wrangler set is all about bringing the spirit of the frontier to your doll collection. Imagine your Journey Girls dolls dressed in stylish, yet rugged, western attire that’s perfect for a day on the ranch or an evening under the stars. With this pattern set, you can create a complete western ensemble that includes a color-blocked yoke shirt and a pair of classic jeans.

The yoke shirt is the epitome of prairie chic, with its color-blocked design and charming details. Imagine your dolls wearing this shirt as they ride through the open plains, the wind whipping through their hair. Paired with the classic jeans, which feature squared pockets and intricate topstitching, your dolls will be ready to wrangle cattle or dance at the local hoedown.

What makes our Western Wrangler set truly special is the attention to detail and the opportunity for customization. You can mix and match fabrics to create a unique look for your dolls, adding your creative flair to each piece. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting out, this pattern set is perfect for all skill levels.

So, grab your denim and your sewing machine, and join us on a journey to the Wild West with our Western Wrangler set for Journey Girls dolls. It’s time to saddle up, partner, and sew some Western magic for your favorite dolls!

If you want to make a matching  yoke shirt for your child, you can find the pattern on