Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Sew Much Joy in Every Stitch! 
Greetings, fellow sewing enthusiasts and doll fashionistas!  As we twirl our way into the heartwarming holiday season, I hope your sewing machines are humming with festive cheer and your needles are threading dreams of delightful doll outfits! 
 Gloria’s Handmade Marvel: A Christmas Tale of Tiny Threads 
Amid the jingle bells and twinkling lights, let me introduce you to Gloria and Bella’s latest charming ensemble that’s the talk of the doll town! 
 Ruffle All the Way: Gloria’s self-drafted shirt is a true testament to the magic of creativity! Picture a dainty ruffle collar that adds a touch of elegance, and sleeves that gather at the wrist in adorable ruffles – because why settle for anything less than fabulous, right? 
Octo-Skirt Magic: The skirt, oh the skirt! Bella worked her magic with the Octo Skirt pattern by Puperita, sizing it down with the precision of Santa’s elves using a child’s pattern and a projector. The result? A twirl-worthy wonder that fits 18-inch dolls like a dream! 
Miniature Marvel: And what’s a festive outfit without the perfect accessory? Behold the precious purse, available in doll size on both Puperita’s and my own website (soon)! Because our dolls deserve to strut their stuff with a touch of fashion-forward flair.
* Shoe pattern is from Appletotes .
 Gloria’s Countdown Adventure! 
Gloria, our model superstar, is buzzing with excitement as she counts down the days to Christmas – just 3 more to go!  She’s joyfully hopping from one family gathering to the next, spreading holiday cheer with every stitch and seam.
As she shares the warmth of the season with family and friends, Gloria wants to remind us all that the true magic lies not just in the presents under the tree, but in the love sewn into every handmade creation. 
So, my fellow sewing elves, here’s to stitching up joy, laughter, and memories this holiday season! May your bobbins be full, your stitches be straight, and your hearts be light. Happy sewing and a doll-lightful holiday to you all!