The Fabulous Buddy Jacket

The Fabulous Buddy Jacket
Hey Sewing Superstars! 
Let’s chat about the Buddy Jacket – the absolute gem in our sewing treasure trove! What makes it so fab? Well, buckle up, because this pattern is the gift that keeps on giving!
Imagine a world where you can customize your jacket to match every mood and occasion. Yep, that’s the Buddy magic!  Stick on those cute pockets or go pocket-free – the power is in your hands! Feeling extra creative? Hack those side seams and surprise, surprise – side seam pockets are stealing the spotlight!
And let’s talk ears – to add or not to add? The Buddy Jacket is your canvas, so paint it with your imagination!  Create new ears or keep it sleek and chic – it’s your call. Oh, and it’s fully lined! No seams showing and high-end appeal.
The Buddy isn’t just a one-season wonder. It’s a fashion chameleon, rocking fall, spring, winter, and even raincoat vibes. How, you ask? It’s all about the fabric, darling! Choose your sewing adventure wisely, and your Buddy will be ready for any weather.
And here’s the cherry on top – we’ve shrunk the cuteness down to doll size!  Mini-Buddy, anyone? Now you can spread the adorable vibes to your favorite dolls too.
So, whether you’re a pocket fanatic, an ear enthusiast, or just someone who wants an all-weather, all-cuteness jacket – the Buddy is your ticket to sewing happiness!  Get creative, get sewing, and let the adorable magic unfold. Sew on, lovelies!
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